Blacjack: how to play a round of blackjack?

Before you think about playing blackjack , you will first need to understand the principle of the game.

  • The croupier begins the game by distributing a card visible to everyone for each of the players as well as a secret card for himself.
  • Each of the players will then have, if they wish, the right to obtain additional cards.
  • The croupier in turn draws cards until he obtains or exceeds 17 points.

In the event that the player obtains a sum of points which exceeds that of the croupier without being higher than 21 points, he wins. And if not, he loses his stake.

Winning at blackjack

Blacjack: how to play a round of blackjack?

Some people think that blackjack is all about luck and chance. But this is not absolutely true, since there are like even a few tricks you can set up to maximize your chance of winning.

Card counting is the most well-known strategy among blackjack players. It is about guessing the value of the cards before they are revealed based on the laws of probability.

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